Babs Decruyenaere

lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium

'Cristal Mountains', 2015, Handmade leporello with 8 gelatin silver pints, Photograms, 13,3 x 10,3 cm
'Antipode', 2022, 24 x 12 cm, two stones

Babs Decruyenaere uses a range of old and less old photographic techniques. Even though she occasionally uses a camera as well, she does not consider herself a photographer. She finds herself much closer to sculpting, she says, even though she does not cut, hack or chop into the round-edged stones and boulders, with their fickle lines like random drawings, that she collects along the rugged beaches she explores around Europe. So despite the closeness that she feels, she’s not really a sculptor either. What Decruyenaere does, is apply these old photographic techniques to develop an imagined form of sculpting; one that results in a flattened image on paper.

excerpt from text ‘To see the world differently’ by Stefan Vanthuyne

website Babs Decruyenaere

represented by Valerie Traan gallery

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