Bruno Silva

1986 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

lives and works in Clermont-Ferrand, France

'Queijo com goiabada', Bruno Silva, 19.04.24—19.05.24 at violet
'Leftovers #2', 2022, plastic dog toy founded on the beach, packaging foam, white glue, talcum powder, 9 x 16 x 5 cm
'Back the way I’ve come', print on tarpaulin, variable dimensions, 2016

My work is twofold; speaks of function and dysfunction and seeks to link the living and the inert. It lies between the real and the fictional, between presence and absence, between appearance and substance.
I try to surround myself with what exists in a state of limbo – abandoned, residual, consumed objects, representations of surfaces, patterns, old skins – building choreographies between objects and images. And, in gestures of re-affection, I appropriate myself to transform. In this process, I invoke the physicality of bodies, preserving their marks and scars and fostering symbioses between synthetic and organic elements. In this way, the works gain a mummified appearance, like a freeze, and are integrated into the architecture of the place, sometimes giving it an entropic atmosphere.
Since the skin is the first to be worked on by time, I focus on the surfaces, which reflect the marks of erosion, light, temperature or human use.
Bruno Silva, 2022

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