Hanne Lippard

1984 Milton Keynes, UK

lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Hanne Lippard, 'Blunt', 2018, digital audio, 08’20’’

For Hanne Lippard language is both the subject, the material and the medium of her work, which manifests itself in the form of texts, spoken performances, printed material, and (sound) installations. Her practice explores the voice as a medium, both her own and that of others. The work Blunt is part of Lippard’s research into the social forces that have suppressed women’s expression from classical antiquity to the present, thus defining a limited social perimeter for women. To this date, these power structures are maintained by often invisible and unconscious constructions. Blunt is a monologue in which words distort and shrivel into seemingly uncontrollable sounds.

text by Piet Van Hecke

website Hanne Lippard

represented by LambdaLambdaLambda

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