Liesbet Grupping

1984 Antwerp, Belgium

lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium

'Untitled (Argelès-sur-Mer), from the series bleu, blue, blauw, blau, mėlyna', 2018. fujichrome 4 x 5 inch/ inkjet 80 x 100 cm, Heavy Matte, wood frame 80 x 100 cm
'Projection (Vogezen, FR)', 18 x 12 cm, Inkjet Print, mounted on aluminium — 'Sungraphite (Antwerp, B)', 21 x 15 cm, cyanotpye & graphite on paper, mounted on cardboard
Liesbet Grupping 'Family Archive (Brasschaat (BE), Prats-de-Mollo (FR), Playa d’Aro (ES), St Anton (AT))', 2022, Kodak Carousel S-AV 2010, projection, variable dimension, 80 slides, kodachrome
Liesbet Grupping 'Conversations', 2022, graphite, pencil, varnish, 73 x 110 cm

Using (and abusing) the materiality of the photographic object Liesbet Grupping challenges our assumptions about what photography is or can be. To capture the world of light; this seems indeed an appropriate way to define photography. But, what does ‘capture’ mean in this instance? An other leading question in Liesbet Grupping’s work is: what can one make visible? The way the artist approaches these questions shows a poetic sensitivity. By defying the conventional use of photographic devices, she creates images that reflect both the depicted and the creative process. What her works make clear, is that to photograph is nothing more than to experiment with nature, with the basic laws of nature (of physics and chemistry).