Lodewijk Heylen

1989 Antwerp, Belgium

lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium

Lodewijk Heylen, 'The Wedge: Steel Cut (II)', 2023, Steel, 10 x 15 cm, unique (series)
Lodewijk Heylen, 'Wasser und Sand: Eugene Joorsstraat', 2023, Bluestone, 250 x 18 cm, unique installation (site-specific)

Lodewijk Heylen is a contextual and conceptual artist and a researcher at the University of Hasselt and the PXL-MAD School of Arts. He is also a member of the Belgian Young Academy and founder of the artistic think tank BIN. His work questions the impact of automation on contemporary and future society and the role of the artist in it. He conducts this research through the development of installations, interventions and performances.

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