Lot Doms

1986 Vilvoorde, Belgium

lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium

Lot Doms,' (2018)', 2021, analog c-print in artist’s frame, 55,5 x 48 cm, unique
Lot Doms, 'Dageinde (2016)', 2021, analog c-print in artist’s frame, 55,5 x 42 cm, unique
Lot Doms, 'Lichtjes opgeschoven', 2019, silver gelatin prints, (2 x) 112 x 89 cm, unique
Lot Doms, In progress

The work of Lot Doms is built on the premise that even in our image saturated world, it is still possible to experience this primal feeling when looking was an adventure, filled with excitement for what was freshly revealed to our eyes. This desire to be amazed by the visual marvels the world has to offer can be fulfilled in different ways: by moving outside of the confines of the familiar, by traveling to foreign lands and sites unseen, but also, and more importantly, by simply putting a technological recording device (a camera) between us and the world.

Text by Steven Humblet for Turning Photography 2017

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