Luc Avargues

1982 Libourne, France

lives and works in Paris, France

Luc Avargues, 2022
Luc Avargues performing 'Le banquet tiède', Villa Rohannec'h Saint-Brieuc, 2019
'Opening Dinner', group exhibition at Violet, May 2022

The work of French artist Luc Avargues investigates the possibility to connect daily rituals to the way we perceive (or consume) art. For this he appeals to various senses and actively seeks interaction with the audience. The ritual of eating is an important medium in his performative practice. For the exhibition Opening Dinner, he is looking for the possibility of a circular art experience. Avargues activates the installation by engaging in a playful interaction with the space, other artists and the viewer. 
Motivated by the objective to make a connection with his surrounding, he invites artist to join him at a round tabel, adding to the idea of the circular, circle shaped, perpetually repeating attempt to understand ones surrounding. 

on the exhibition Opening Dinner at Violet, May 2022

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