Bernd Lohaus

1940 Düsseldorf, Germany — 2010 Antwerpen, Belgium

Bernd Lohaus, Ohne title, 1976, crayon on paper, framed, (3x) 73 x 57 cm

The works of Bernd Lohaus often reflect on their own temporality and changeability. In addition to wooden sculptures, which he found on walks along the banks of the Scheldt, he often used paper, cardboard and tape. Materials that evoke a tension between the solid and the ephemeral, the temporary and the permanent. Lohaus was an artist who eliminated and purified. He remained faithful to the material, on which he often wrote words, by carving or in chalk. Simple pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions are usually combined with opposing concepts. The words refer to the distance between people and things, how they can position themselves in relation to each other, but can never really coincide. Yet perhaps the core of Lohaus’s oeuvre is the search for connection. Between weightlessness and heaviness, between temporality and the eternal, between reality and ideal, between the self and the other, between language and matter.

text by Piet Van Hecke

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