Queijo com goiabada

Bruno Silva

19 April 2024—19 May 2024

'Queijo com goiabada', Bruno Silva, 19.04.24—19.05.24 at violet

Who has never tasted a bittersweet feeling? Swallowed, transformed, digested and assimilated, an envelope of different emotional sensations. Queijo com goiabada (cheese with guava) introduces an intimate space of dialogues and movements between consumer goods and souvenirs of a future past.

Bruno Silva lives and works between Clermont-Ferrand (FR) and Porto (PT). Surrounding himself with everyday objects discarded by society, the artist invokes the materiality of bodies in a confrontation between appearance and substance, preserving marks, scars and emotional traces. Wrapped in a new skin, his works thus take on a mummified appearance, summoning forms as a boundless multiplication of themselves inhabiting a state of limbo.

This solo exhibition by Bruno Silva is the fruit of an exchange with Liesbet Grupping, artist and founder of Violet. Grupping’s solo exhibition will simultaneously take place at home alonE, a space directed by Bruno Silva in Clermont-Ferrand, France. The artists first met during a residency at Artistes en residence in Clermont-Ferrand in 2017. This current exchange is part of Liesbet Grupping’s artistic research, supported by the Flemish government and shown in chapters at Violet.