On the occasion of Antwerp Art Weekend 2024, Het Orakel / The Oracle wants to function as a ‘bakery’ and has asked a selection of artists to bake a bread which will be presented, some in a performative way, in the gallery space. Visitors can stop by for their ‘daily bread’ during the weekend. A fine line is created and one does not know if one enters a gallery space presenting bread or a bakery portraying art.
Bread will be delivered by following artists: Sigurrós G. Björnsdóttir, Machteld Bernaert, Tine Colen, Hadas Cnaani, Huiskamer, Ksanoshka Fyodorovna, Laura Geurten, Kiara Govaert, Liesbet Grupping, Albert Pepermans, Guy Rombouts, Lieven Segers, Violet & Bruno Silva, Johanna Trudzinski, Roberta Dos Santos, Joke Van Canneyt, Janine Vandebosch, Tom Vansant, Benjamin Verdonck, Liesbet Waegemans.
Opening 16.05, 12 – 9pm, expo: 16.05 – 19.05, 12 – 6pm